Home Buying Prep

My personal favorite. It is a contains a full blown course on how to properly prepare to purchase a home. From understanding the importance of providing proof of income, evaluating your credit situation, and determining just how much you need to have in funds for a downpayment

Maintain your Credit to Buy a Home

One of the best combos we have to offer. We give you one-on-one sessions and material to teach you how to improve your situation and buy your dream home.  We also have the ability to connect you to a local lender to continue the process you do not miss a beat.

Never Empty Handed

Although we speak a lot about what the beginning steps are to purchasing a home or making a big financial move, lets not forget that you have to maintain a decent standard of living. Budgeting and organizing your life so you are at ease with your spending and saving.

We Teach you That!

Next Steps...

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