Home Buying Prep

A 3 Hour Session, that involves a complete in depth understanding of the Home Buying process, tailored to your needs. This course brings a One-on-One experience that most lending institutions will not offer. It involves creating a detailed financial picture, to really prepare you to purchase a home. We cover the following:



Your Buying power begins with the money that you earn

We break down your spending. Starting from the total amount of income that you bring home every month or annually. We look at possible opportunities to increase the cash flow.


The biggest deal breaker for many First time Home Buyers.

The 2nd session of the Home Buying Prep Course involves, understanding credit and the metrics behind getting a decent credit score. We break down the type of debt the client has, we look at ways to eliminate the debt in a given amount of time.

Our Goal in this session is to set a target credit score, that can be easily obtained for the client to reach, before we move on to step 3


Down Payment and Reserves

This session puts the icing on the cake for a First Time Home Buyers.

Having a decent amount of savings ready to go to put a down payment of the house and also have funds left over for other Home Ownership Expenses. Most Lenders and Realtors will leap for joy if you have some sort of savings.

In this last session we go over your goal for purchasing a home and we evaluate if you have enough saved to purchase a home. We determine if there are any areas in your budget where you could save more money and put it towards your purchase.

Next Steps...

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