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If you have a moment check out the video below my post.

In this video, two loan officers are discussing mistakes that people have when applying for a Mortgage  Loans

The biggest mistake people make when buying a home, waiting until the last minute before going into contract with a home, to get financed. My program allows you to  understand where you are early on in the home purchasing process. 

The #1 thing that loan officers dislike is any hidden or unknown information. Meaning you withheld information in your application and this can affect the outcome of your approval or closing on your Loan.

Loan officers like to get you pre-approved early on so they are not bogged down on time.

The process can be approximately 4 weeks depending on the information you provide to the lenders. 

The key take away, Get PRE-APPROVED FIRST! and then Look for a Realtor. Trust me it will be less stressful in the end

By the Way my program, the HOME BUYER PREP COURSE, ensures this happens for you. 

Check it out 

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