Lesson 1: Welcome/ Overview

Welcome to the first Session for the Home Buying Prep course. This is a very short summary of what this session will be like. We will cover the following in your session.

  • Location of desired home
  • Type of Home
  • Purchase Price estimate
  • Current Financial Situation
  • Income/Credit/Downpayment Briefly


Lesson 2: Income/ Credit

Part 2 of our 3 part Home Buying Prep course. In this section we will cover the first 2 vital pieces of being a qualified candidate for purchasing a home, Income and Credit. Tailoring it to your specific situation. GRAB A PEN AND PAPER


  • Annual/monthly Income
  • Type of income
  • How Taxes are accounted for


  • What is the proper score you need
  • Any major deliquency
  • length of Credit history

and more…

NOTE: If you have specific TAX questions please refer to a tax professional. I can assist if you need a referral to one of those !


Lesson 3: Downpayment/ Funds/ Conclusion

You made it to the finish line! This is where we prepare you for the things you will need for Closing and what you will need to shape the loans available to you. We cover the importance of a Downpayment. And making sure you have funds left in your account to cover the first 2-3 months of being in the mortgage.