Services and Prices

You will find the list of services and their corresponding prices below.

Please Note: All prices are set and must be paid before services begin. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the results of the service, We do provide a MONEY BACK Guarantee! If you have any questions please refer to the Contact page or FAQ.


Consultation - $20

This is a 1 Hour Session

It includes: a detailed overview of the process, an indepth understanding of your goals , and access to our Private Facebook group and other helpful resources

Home Buying Prep- $99

This is your chance to ask everything there is to ask about the Home buying process.

What you get:

  • One-on-One workshop on the Home Buying Process from start to finish
  • 1 Referral to a Local lender

It includes:If you are local we can meet in person. You also have access to our Facebook Group! Please refer to the HOME BUYING PREP  page to watch the videos about what each lesson will cover. REMEMBER: This is personal and tailors to your specific situation.

*Additional Referrals are an extra fee of $20


Payment Methods


Pay Pal

This method is allows your personal banking information to be safe and secure. If you do not already use this source. i highly recommend it

You can sign up easily on their website!


The second most secure way to send money.  We are only using secure methods for transactions. You may sign up for an account with the link below if you would like to complete your transaction this way