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What is Home Ownership Investments

Unison is a Home Ownership Investment Company that helps clients who are looking to purchase a home contribute a larger down payment. They help go half and half with you on a down payment. They do this by pairing you with a participating lender and taking you through their initial process of getting Pre-Approved.

Keep in mind Unison is not a bank or lender, so the money they provide is not a loan. You are also not obligated to pay them back every month.

How does it work?

When you qualify and are able to contribute at least 10% for a down payment. Unison will contribute an additional 10% so you are putting 20% down on a home. They provide those funds in exchange for a 35% share of the Future Change in Value  of the property when you sell or at the end of the agreement.

You can end the agreement with Unison in one of these ways

1.Sell the property at any time with out penalty

2. Pay them back after 3 years without selling your property

3. Death of everyone on title (God Forbid that happens)

4. Turning the property into an investment home (Unison only works with Primary Residences at this time.

So when you go to end the Agreement you will pay Unison

The initial investment (what they contributed as a down payment)  Plus or Minus 35% of the Future change in value


Purchase Price is 200,000

Your  Down payment: $20,000 (10%)

Unison Down payment $20,000 (10%)

Future Value: $250,000

Pay Back: $20,000+ $17,500 (which is 35% of $50,000)= $37,500


Some Key points to take away if you are looking for assistance with down payment .
  • The money is not a loan, it is an Investment
  • You are in control when you are in the agreement
  • You can pay them back after 3 years.


If you are interested in learning more about Unison Please click the link below

Unison Home Ownership Investments


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