Our Mission

C. Jones Financial Consulting holds true to their mission that, they will be a Beacon of Hope for those who are looking for education and preparation for the next major financial decision in their lives. Holding the standard that Integrity is present during each and every interaction, Confidentiality is defined, and every client is granted they same and Equal treatment during each and every encounter.

Our Story

Our business began simply with an idea just like any other business. An idea that would filter into a plan to help all people who are looking to make a huge change in their finances through either purchasing a home, buying a car or applying for a loan. Our plan is nourished along the lines that everyone should be allowed equal education and preparation for making those moves


Our CEO and founder has worked behind the walls of Corporate America, sitting at the forefront of telling clients that they are not able to achieve their goals because of issues with their credit, income, downpayment and more. For many lacked the necessary education needed to understand the complexity of purchasing a home and how it is not necessarily a walk in the park. And for lending institutions, they may turn the client away if their situation appears to complex or unattainable.


She has since created an idea that would present each client with the same opportunity as the next with one-on-one financial education and consulting. My applying empathy, active listening, and enlightening feedback to those who need it most. And when they are ready, to move on to the next phase of the process our services will connect with you with a local loan officer, real estate agent, estate planner to carry you through the rest of the way.


Our goal and hope is that after using our services the thought of being turned away at the door of a bank or lending institution will be a thing of the past. Experts have proven that when a client has a decent amount of education and are completely prepared going into a lender they are more likely to get the funding they are seeking

Next Steps...

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