Buying a Home is a Major Step!

We understand that becoming a first time home buyer can be difficult. From choosing the right lender and realtor, and understanding the basics behind financing, to finally finding the house that fits your budget !

Our business is designed to help you on your journey to becoming a home owner, One step at a time! We are here to provide the proper tools and education you need to make sure you are making the best informed decision!

We can partner you with a loan officer or Real estate agent to help you complete your complete your Journey

If you are ready to take the next step on your journey to home ownership. please allow us to provide you with a unique One-one -one experience that will break down everything you need to know so you are completely prepared to purchase your home.Our guidance is confidential and with

No Credit Check Required!,

How It Works!


First Time Home Buyers are always researching ways to begin the process. They are sometimes unsure of where to look or who they can seek answers from. Most of them would like a unique experience to guide them through the process, before they are scared away by a bank

C Jones Consulting
C Jones Consulting

C Jones Consulting allows the client to feel more at ease and less stressed about how the process works. We provide an in depth over view of the Home Buying process. We ensure that you are fully prepared to sit down with a Loan Officer or Realtor to begin the journey of Home Ownership

Loan Officers
Loan Officers

This process is not only for First Time Home Buyers.

We also create lasting relationships with Realtors and Loan Officers to provide quality leads and Clients for them to work with. When the client is completely ready to begin the process of home financing we refer them to one of our Referral Partners.

At C Jones Consulting, we believe that a well prepared and educated client will make an excellent customer for our Partners.


Who Are We?

C. Jones Financial Consulting Services. We are here to serve as a beacon of hope and education for those who are looking to get on the right path with their finances. We provide a wide range of services tailored to help you succeed at your Financial goals.

We value Integrity, Empathy, and we always are Attentive to our clients needs. By asking the right questions, establishing their needs within their goals, and helping them along the way, we hope that you find the material helpful and informative.

C. Jones Financial Consulting holds a competitive edge and personal appeal by maintaining strong relationships with our clients and Referral Partners. We want everyone to feel like part of a growing family and community.

Lastly, We like to stay up-to-date and current with the trends of the industry. On the Blog page you will find articles written by financial professionals, reliable news sources on what is happening in the world, and also reviews.

This company is new, Fresh off the ground, so we want to give a great impression to our clients and referral partners. Please feel free to leave a comment or question on the Contact Page.


What We Offer


The first step in Our 3 step Process.

This is a 1 Hour Session, where we go over the the basics of what your expectations are in purchasing a home. You provide a bit of a background story on why you are looking to purchase and where you are in the process.

Home Buying prep Course

Step 2 in our 3 step Process, where we go in full detail about how to properly prepare to buy a home.

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Our last step in the process allow you to get connected with a loan officer and/or Realtor to help you get approved for your Mortgage and find your dream Home.

The first 2 Referrals are Free!

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